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Our History

Nearly 125 years of important milestones:


On April 16, 1890, CFSB became the first bank established in Marshall County and was incorporated by the Kentucky General Assembly with capital stock requirements of between $12,500 and $25,000.

A lot on the west side of the square from J.G. Gilbert was purchased for $350. Construction of the two-story iron front building at 1114 Main Street completed September 20, 1890 at a cost of $1,734.

By the end of the year, CFSB had assets of $26,221.


CFSB celebrated its 75th anniversary by moving into a larger, more spacious facility at 1012 Main Street, while boasting assets of $10 million.

1972 & 1974

In response to the growth in Marshall County, CFSB also expanded to included new banking centers in Aurora (1972), in Draffenville (1974).


The bank formed Bancorp Holding Company, now known as Community Financial Services, Inc.


CFSB purchased the Calvert Bank in Calvert City, KY.


CFSB opened its Fifth Street Banking Center in Benton.


The Calvert Bank was incorporated into CFSB in order to assure profitability and stable employment for our work force.


The Calvert City Banking Center was thoroughly renovated and reopened.


The McCracken County Banking Center on Park Avenue in Paducah moved into its own new facility.


CFSB opened the temporary home of the Calloway County Banking Center, located on North 12th Street in Murray.


Draffenville Banking Center received a state of the art renovation.


The opening of a new corporate headquarters building next to CFSB's Fifth Street Banking Center. This 96,000 square foot facility houses all operations for the regional institution including a new banking area for our valued customers.

Growth in assets throughout the years

From this modest beginning, CFSB has passed several milestones including:

  • $100,000 in 1905
  • $500,000 in 1919
  • $1 million in 1942
  • $2 million in 1944
  • $5 million in 1960
  • $10 million in 1965
  • $20 million in 1971
  • $100 million in 1987
  • $500 million in 2010
  • $600 million in 2012
  • $700 million in 2014
  • $800 million in 2015