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Financial Health Workshops

Content tailored to your needs

Our financial health workshops bring education to your business or group and our team guides you through a subject that's tailored to your group's needs.
This free service provides a simple, hands-on learning approach to financial health. There are virtual and in-person options available for each course and topics vary from personal financial health to business management. Each participant will also receive their own workbook in either print or digital form.
Content tailored to your needs

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Benefits of Financial Health Workshops

Engaging Content

Relevent Topics

Take-Home Materials

Personal Guides

Free Service

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  • Example List Items (MAX 15):
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    • Refinance vehicles financed elsewhere to lower your rate potentially
    • Flexible repayment terms
    • Up to 100% financing available on all purchases
    • Free pre-approvals for extra buying power when negotiating
    • Local decision-making and processing right here in Western Kentucky
    • Customized, friendly service from our experienced lending team
Eg: We currently only accept online applications from our immediate lending area (Counties, including Calloway, Graves, Livingston, Lyon, Marshall, and McCracken). If you are outside this area, please call one of our banking centers for assistance with your loan application. 

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