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Financial Coaching

Guidance for your financial journey

Our CFSB Financial Coaches are here to provide guidance and hope for individuals and families. Let us help you focus on what's most important!
A Financial Coach can assist you or your family while navigating through a financial crisis, build a working budget, make a plan to eliminate debt, plan for retirement or college, provide resources to learn about financial health and more.
Financial Coaching

Benefits to your financial journey

  • Set realistic financial goals
  • Build a working budget to grow your savings
  • Cut unnecessary spending in your life
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Build a partnership of accountability
  • Navigate through life's financial obstacles
  • Create a plan for student loan payoff
  • Plan for future life milestones (wedding, college, retirement,etc.)
  • Get advice for dealing with collectors
  • Find competitive rates for banking products
Financial Health encompasses your entire lifestyle. Our coaches are here to guide you within any stage of life.

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