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Routing Number

CFSB Routing Number

The Routing Number is the 9-digit code particular to a bank location. A bank's routing number is visible on online portals, particularly on your account checks, as a unique identifier.

CFSB's routing number is 083903328.

Routing Number at CFSB

Finding Your Account and Routing Number on a Check

  • CFSB's routing number (083903328) is the 9-digit code at the extreme bottom left of your check.
  • The check number is the located between the routing and account numbers on the check.
  • Your bank account number is the eight to ten digits immediately following the check number.
Finding Your Account and Routing Number on Check at CFSB

Writing a Bank Check

  • Add the date of signing on the top-right corner of the check.
  • Add the intended recipient's legal name on the "Pay to the Order of" field.
  • Mention the numerical value of the dollar amount in the box next to the recipient's name.
  • Mention the same amount written out in words on the following line.
  • Add a memo on the "For" field (optional).
  • Provide your bank-recognized full signature on the bottom right field.

Please note: "cents" need to be mentioned as a fraction of 100. (e.g., "21.35" in dollars will be "Twenty-one and 35/100" dollars in words)

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