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"I like the friendly staff, the fact that a lot of things can be printed in house (convenient). Even though it is a somewhat local bank, there are branches in towns farther out. When you go there, the friendly atmosphere is the same. No extra fees, sweep account…and the list goes on."

— Kimberly N.

"I like banking with y’all because you have got to be the most-kindest, sweetest, most helpful people at a bank that I have personally ever dealt with. You guys are always smiling and make it a point to talk to each person as they walk in. And the inside of the bank is just gorgeous!"

— Whitni C.

"I know a lot of people over there and I’ve known them for years. I like the friendliness, and the fact that it is a local bank. I like it because of Linda Blanchard, Betsy Flynn, Kathy Seaford, Jennie Cope, Jane Harrell, Jason Pittman and Paige Adlich. I like knowing the people."

— Mike E.

"Community oriented, friendly staff, easy access, and my ATM fees are given back."

— Allia E.